Digital Marketing

“There are varieties of websites available in the industry for various purposes. Read this article to know how to choose the right one for your purpose”.

Having a website for your business helps you to connect your presence with potential customers. If you look for an affordable web design company in Kolkata to develop a website, you should know what different types of websites are. It will help you to choose the most suitable one for your business. So, let’s get started.


The blog site is designed to share different ideas, views, information, etc. Bloggers generally represent their vision, thoughts, and imagination to the world. Once, these blogs were only used in journals, but nowadays, this is an essential part of mass communication where people can know different things in many ways. The WordPress and Google blogging sites include famous articles, travel blogs, news blog, food blogs, etc. To increase the online visibility of such websites, you can take help from the digital marketing services Kolkata.

Informational Website

The informational websites provide ideas on different topics. Finding some specific things from a book can be time-consuming but searching for them on the internet is a more straightforward process. These websites make it easy to find any information anytime through these websites. As an example, Wikipedia is an informational website that shares information about everything in the world.  


An e-commerce website is a specific type of business website that makes it easy for people to buy products online quickly and to complete transactions online. With the massive increase in global eCommerce sales, nowadays, e-commerce websites have become a successful way for small businesses. So, e-commerce websites should have features to support online transactions and sell products quickly. If you want to transform your ecommerce website into app, then mobile apps development services can help you with their offer.


The brochure website is the simplest form that provides a small online presence for businesses. It comes with a few pages that include the details of the company. As an example, a furniture business brochure will have things like what are the types of furniture they produce, different materials, how wide varieties they have, what the prices are, how to contact them, etc.

Niche Websites

The niche websites are specifically designed for specific topics. The niche Websites are specifically designed for audiences with particular interests. Niche Websites can get you more followers and clients because it targets a specific audience.

Social Media Websites

The social media websites are specifically designed for enthusiasts who want to share everything on social media. There are more than 2.77 individuals on social media with different interests. So, it will be easy to find your target audience from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Landing Page Website

The landing page website is specially designed for any marketing campaign or to insist the visitor take any specific action. These sites come with a fixed point toward the call to action. Businesses generally use these types of sites to promote their page and to make everyone aware of their business and promotions. Choosing an affordable web design company in Kolkatacanhelp you get such website.


These all are different types of websites with their specific purpose. You need first to decide which type will suit your purpose most and then choose one. Same as website, you can also get custom software from professional software development services in Kolkata. Hopefully, this article will help you to choose the most suitable one for your business that will increase your brand awareness as well as profit.