Virtual Event

Virtual Event Platforms are the tools that are most commonly utilised to create and develop immersive 3D experiences. A virtual event platform is a technology that enables many programmes to operate simultaneously in the same environment.

Below, you’ll find some of the best virtual event platforms to consider while planning your next virtual event.

1. Airmeet

Airmeet is a platform that focuses on engagement. Effortlessly host webinars, events, conferences, fairs, and yearly meet-ups. This platform will empower you to not only manage and monetize events, but also to keep your audience at the forefront. Expect high levels of conversation and interaction.

Airmeet is now ranked No. 5 on Growjo’s list of the world’s fastest-growing firms. The businesses on this list reflect the top 1% of the world’s 1 million multinational businesses and startups.

Every month, Airmeet organises hundreds of events from companies including Walmart, Volvo, and Accenture.  Organisers are able to host more than 300 sponsors and create a virtual experience for more than 100k attendees.

2. Hopin

Hopin is essentially a website where you can host online and hybrid events. It’s a platform that’s very adaptable, dynamic, and scalable, with incredible capabilities that allow an in-person event to be nearly replicated online.

Hopin’s platform simulates the atmosphere of an in-person event on a virtual platform, guaranteeing strong show-up percentages, reduced drop-off percentages, and pleased participants.

Attendees and presenters can roam an exhibition floor while meeting and networking with others, dipping in and out of various keynote lectures, and talking and participating in general, just like they would at a trade fair or exhibition hall.

Its easy-to-use backend is ideal for first-time event planners and people with modest coding knowledge.

3. Eventcube

Providing white label and registration solutions, Eventcube was founded in 2014 to give competition to platforms like Eventbrite.

Since its inception, Eventcube has expanded its product set to include a variety of solutions for event managers and other businesses.

Live streaming, virtual networking, tickets and registration, hosting, live chat, and more are all available through the system, which can be controlled from a single, easy-to-use platform. This, combined with Eventcube’s focus on white labelling, makes it a very appealing tool for event planners all around the world.

4. vFairs

vFairs is a virtual event platform that helps event organisers to design and administer online conferences, trade exhibits, networking events, and even more. It is built on the exhibit hall concept.

vFairs promotes itself as the go-to platform for both virtual and hybrid events, and it provides a wide range of features and connectors.

It has the ability to organise live and semi-live webinars, as well as amazing 3D design, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, fascinating, and unforgettable environment for participants, presenters, and sponsors.

Users may easily read material, network with exhibitors or colleagues, and attend live webinars in the engaging, vibrant settings.

5. ON24

Surely you are familiar with ON24’s virtual event platform. It’s a virtual event platform that’s used by businesses all around the world.

ON24 also offers a platform for virtual events. A minor drawback, the platform works well only when the number of attendees stays below 5000. Luckily, this doesn’t seem to pose a problem for most events.

ON24 provides guests with all of the networking tools they need, including some fun gamification options. The platform also helps you integrate data with your tools.

ON24 is aggressively investing in the platform, and it will be enhanced with features such as assistance for numerous presenters, a much more interactive user experience, and the introduction of a mobile app in the near future.

6. InEvent

Thriving as the most customisable virtual event platform, InEvent allows organisers to tailor every stage of the virtual event experience. Bring your corporate image to life, from the online platform and registration forms through email invitations, virtual event environments, and video streaming.

InEvent is great for multinational enterprises with people working remotely from all over the world as the professional world changes. The platform includes a virtual lobby that can be customised to fit the needs of various departments.

7. Zoom

For smaller virtual events, Zoom is an excellent option. You may conduct virtual events using Zoom with an attendance of up to 500 people. If you work at an MNC, there is a possibility that your firm already uses Zoom for video-conferencing. Hence, you have the solution right in your hand.

You could question how you’ll manage as the audience size grows a little greater. Zoom, on the other hand, provides the ability to create breakout rooms. This means you may allocate people to breakout rooms, effectively dividing the rest of the audience into separate groups.

8. Accelevents

An all-in-one platform that enables event planners and marketers to make genuine human connections, cultivate loyal communities, and promote long-term growth.

With a user-friendly yet sophisticated collection of configurable and interactive features, Accelevents is reinventing the way companies communicate with their consumers as a global event software platform. Attendees may watch keynote speeches, participate in several breakout sessions, connect with virtual attendees, interact with organizations and individuals, take surveys, download documents, and engage in live chats.

The Accelevents platform, which focuses on growth acceleration, is meant to gather actionable information throughout the event ecosystem and integrate them into quantifiable sales and marketing performance plans.

9. Intrado

Intrado is an avenue for hosting virtual gatherings for corporate enterprises. Nearly all of the event platform can be customised, which is ideal if you care about branding.

What’s amazing about Intrado is that it’s available for months following the end of your virtual event.

This basically implies that you may continue to use your virtual environment  in your demand generation efforts months after the event has ended. Setting up a virtual event takes a lot of time and effort, so being able to reap the benefits of your efforts for months is a huge plus.

You have a lot of sponsorship options with Intrado. Sponsors can personalise their virtual event booth, and live chat is available.

10. Puaerte Visual

Trusted by companies like Coca-Cola and Johnson & Johnson, Puaerte Visual is one the most popular virtual platforms for creating superior virtual experiences. It may be used to create visually attractive virtual events. It is possible to personalise and trademark the event venue in a satisfactory way. To obtain credibility, highlight your sponsors and publicise your event. Puaerte’s charm may be experienced by hosting your meetings, seminars, and other events.

11. Optinsearch

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