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The world has really seemed to be integrated on a single platform. This achievement is attributed to modern innovations. Whether it’s an event or educational session or corporate training etc., all can be easily conducted over virtual platforms. With the eruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, technology has saved the world. Since people were bound to work from their homes, online meetings, webinars and live streaming have become the modes of communication. Talking specifically about webinars, it has eased the workload of the corporate world. By conducting a Live Webinar, an exchange of information can be held between people sitting at various corners of the world. Before taking services, it’s is important to know about webinars, their features and advantages.

Webinars are video-based seminars, lectures and workshops to be organized on the digital platform.  Here, the information is shared in a two-way form through webinar software. For attending webinars, tablets, laptops, mobile phones and computers all are compatible.

Know the necessary Features of Webinar

1. Display:

Every user wants the best presentation of the content during the webinars. Be it documents, slideshows or videos, there should be uncomplicated display of the data.

2. Recording the session:

Sometimes the sessions has meant to be recorded for future reference. Thus, the recordings must be held in high definition for great impact.

3. Tools for Participants:

To engage the audience, there lies immense importance of collaboration tools like surveys, chat, call to action, polls and whiteboards etc.

4. Capacity:

At times, the number of attendees of webinars is large. Thus, the webinar rooms must be large enough to incorporate large gatherings.

5. Report Generation:

For measuring the success of webinars, analytical tools will be used. In fact, attendance along with the interaction of participants needed to be gauged.

Advantages of Hosting Webinars

  • Cost Effective:When it comes to gather a large crowd at one place digitally, webinars appear to be a great platform. By discarding the geographical barriers, people can easily attend the webinars from their respective places leading to cost-saving. 

  • Launch of Services/Products:Organizing seminars is not easy. At times, participants are reluctant to travel and come for the events. Through online webinars, launching of products or services can be done in lesser time.  Since it allows interaction through chats and whiteboards etc. so the participants can discuss their opinions too.

  • Imparting Education:In the times of pandemic, webinars are like bliss. Many educational institutions take help of webinars to conduct classes and workshops. Apart from this, they can refer to the recordings if they missed out any significant data. 

  • Building Credibility:When the organizations stay connected with their clients, it helps in establishing the brand. Webinars make companies directly connect with their customers and resolve their queries. 

Get the best solutions for webcast or webinars with the leading Webcasting Service Providers i.e. OptinSearch. Due to similarity of terms, many people interchange webinars with webcasts. However, they can be differentiated on the basis of interaction time. Under webcast, sessions are prerecorded while webinars are live. For tactfully handling the webcasting requirements of organizations, OptinSearch also offers Webcasting solutions across India.

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