The changing times have made people exercise their brains and innovate new products and services. Industries related to gaming, education, enterprises, social sciences, healthcare and entertainment etc. have undergone gigantic expansion. The continuous developments also encouraged people to adopt new ways of life. Undoubtedly, traditional approaches of living life still exist but people rely more on novel technologies. Considering the media industry, Live Streaming has emerged as a revolutionary source of entertainment as well as of business. Understanding its relevance for the future, various technological giants like Dacast, Facebook, YouTube and IBM etc. are offering the facility of Live Streaming for the users. Talking about Facebook, it offers multiple services like Facebook Watch, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Gaming, Facebook Live, Facebook Media, Facebook Local and much more to the subscribers. Considering Facebook live streaming services, it wonderfully caters to multiple needs of various groups. To use this feature, one should know all details about it. Have a look:

Facebook Live is a powerful platform for watching online videos, games or broadcasts on a real-time basis. The usage of various tools allows a better experience to audience as they can closely observe all the activities. The users are also allowed to interact using several collaborative options.

How to do Facebook live Streaming?

Live Streaming services of Facebook can be accessed through phone and computer/laptop. To get information about its application, check the following instructions:

1. From Mobile

To use the feature, first, decide the page or profile on which it has to be streamed online. Go to the Live button and put the narration to the video. There is also the option of mentioning feelings or tagging people if desired. Begin the video by pressing Start Live Video and then conclude it with the Finish button. This process is applicable on Facebook App.

Another way to go live via mobile is through Creator studio App.

2. From Computer/Laptop

Live Streaming on a computer/laptop can be done through Live Producer. Here, the user can go online automatically. While using these gadgets, the user has to tap What’s on your mind?

After choosing the Live Video option, Live Producer will start functioning. After that, add details about the video and finally, select Go Live.

Reasons to Pick Facebook Live

  • When the subscribers of Facebook has been compared to other web platforms, there can be seen a considerable difference.  Facebook has been used by billions of people worldwide. Thus, it offers the visibility of videos to multiple people.

  • Engagement is the key to successful live streaming. In Facebook sessions, the viewers can enjoy more interaction with the presenter. The human connection helps in building trust with the presenter. This approach is extremely beneficial for businesses.

  • Videos are more realistic and retained for a longer duration of time. As per the surveys, Facebook videos have more viewers than others.

  • With the mobile streaming option on Facebook, the users can easily create content. This facility is not only easy but also budget-friendly too.

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