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If the discussion on the communication modes is ever held then the people would be surprised to know the remarkable development in this field. From radio and telephone to vlogs and webinars, the media industry has witnessed exponential growth. It is attributed to technology.

The rapid technological progression also leads to the development of fast-tech communication platforms across the globe. Nowadays, Live Streaming has taken the media industry by storm. Be it entertainment, business or sports etc., varied industries rely on it for their work. Since it’s an emerging field, many digital firms offer streaming solutions. Amongst the live streaming service providers in India, Optinsearch is the reliable one. To know more about this media of communication and our services, let’s have a look at the details:

Live Streaming V/S Streaming

Live Streaming basically refers to the dissemination of the content through the Internet on a real-time basis. Under this, the content is being delivered to the audience instantly. As prompt transmission takes place thus it allows making a direct connection with the audience. Here, there is no scope of delay in the transfer of any kind of digital data.

However, in general streaming, the content can be modified before being transmitted to the spectators or listeners. It can also be compared to file downloading.

Live Streaming Platform

At OptinSearch, Live Streaming will be facilitated on multiple platforms like Facebook, YouTube, WOWZA, Cisco, Zoom, Dacast, LinkedIn, Vimeo and Agora.


Those who wish to connect with their followers for live interactions should use Facebook Live. Here, the community will get the freedom to connect easily. During the broadcast, the audience can comment, raise questions and even react too in actual time.   


This is a highly accessible platform for video makers. Considering YouTube live, it is a great medium for the engagement of a huge audience. It also offers a chat feature with the users.


For business-critical applications, Wowza is a trusted platform. By employing its live streaming services, it gets easier to do interactive live streaming.


To live stream events or business meets, Cisco Webex makes a good platform. It facilitates building connections with an ample number of people on actual time. 


It is not limited to video calls or video meetings. With Zoom, the facility of Live Streaming is also available.  


This leading platform for live streaming for business meetings, sports events and fitness classes. Dacast offers low latency live streaming services for the users. 


Since LinkedIn offers networking opportunities to professionals globally, it attracts more working personnel. Due to the chat moderation tool, chats can be modified within no time.   


To organize product launches, webinars, conferences, company announcements and community engagements in real-time, Vimeo is a wonderful medium. To enjoy ad-free live streaming, use this platform.    


The real-time interactions make communication more significant. This platform allows the facility of live interactive audio as well as video. Whether it’s social interactions, professional collaboration and shopping experiences etc, Agora is redefining engagements.  

To get the marvellous HD live streaming services for your weddings, webinars, events and conferences, contact OptinSearch. With this Live Streaming Company in India, the users can avail on-demand streaming facilities anytime anywhere.

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