Digitalization has shattered the old norms of advertising and brought out some cool techniques to boost up your business. One such digital method to enhance business parameters is Search Engine Optimization which is short for SEO. The following article is all about the Importance of SEO for a website. In this digital era, you can quickly bring more sales to your business with the help of SEO. So first you have to understand what SEO is?


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process which helps you to rank your website on the top of the search engine like (Google, Yahoo, Bing). So the process of SEO is based on the Algorithms set by the Search engine. Ranking high means one of your keywords should be rank on the first page of SERP because stats also show that 75%-80% users never scroll past the first page of search results. So if your website is new, then you need to wait for six months to 1 year to see the results.

Importance of SEO in digital marketing

Digital marketing is vital for a business to become a brand, to reach a lot of audiences. For digital marketing, SEO plays a vital role. SEO terms decide whether your website is leading or out of the race irrespective of how well you designed the website or how advanced functionality you have in your site. SEO is just a part of digital marketing but an essential factor that affects your business and revenue.

Below are some benefits for doing SEO:

There are lots of people searching for your products or services on search engines. There are over 2 billion people online. 93% of online activities start on a search engine. There are 40,000 searches every second, and 3.5 billion searches per day. There are millions of opportunities for your website to become found on search engines.

Traffic on search engines is generic traffic because people are searching for the problem you solve. You can easily pull traffic to your business. The best thing about SEO is that you don’t have to shovel the advertisements down their throat to persuade people to buy. The generated Search traffic is already interested in your products and services. This is why the SEO industry is worth $65 billion.

SEO builds trust and credibility. People trust Google and also use it daily. By ranking high on search engines, your business will build trust and credibility with your audience.

SEO traffic is more likely to shuffle than other sources of traffic which means your website is more likely to turn up in top searches if it has adequate optimization. Search engine traffic has the best conversion rates for most of the sites. So, you are positioning your business to win more conversions.

SEO helps you bypass your competition. Also, SEO is 24*7. Your rankings do not disappear overnight. So, you can increase your website traffic every day.

Importance of SEO for an Online Business

In Today’s times, SEO can throw the spotlight on your business quickly and relative cost-effectively. It is a combination of both the methods of public relations and advertising at a fraction of cost. The good thing about SEO is it works far faster than much offline advertising and PR, in getting your business mileage and traction.

There are some essential points of SEO to grow your online business. They are:

1. SEO is good for Business branding.

It is evident that you want your products and services to appear as high in the search engine rankings as possible, so the reason for this is how your SEO works on customer requirements and your online presence.

2. Brings your business traffic

It is vital to work on the online presence, branding, credibility, and visibility of your online business then automatically traffic drive on your website. SEO helps drive potential organic traffic on your site quickly. Also, the chances are that quite a few of them will eventually become your customers.

3. Provides your business credibility

Your website is to convey something of value to users. In terms of business, you obviously want to educate or entertain, add some value and ultimately make them believe that what you offer is essential for them. The critical component of your credibility is link building. The more links to your site that can be found more credible sites, it is better for your website’s reputation. Google and other search engines take all of these factors into account when ranking your site.